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Animal decorations kit– Spring

Price: £12.90 per set including free UK delivery

Paper Animal Decoration kit, a fantastic gift and a pleasing interior accessory that will suit both boys and girls rooms. Children and parents will love the way they look on the kids’ bedroom wall.
Each pack contains seven friendly farm and wild creatures that can be cut out and made in to striking wall decorations. They are easy to make, each design being based on a cone shape, simply cut them out, fold and stick at the bottom. A fold down tab on the top allows them to be easily pinned or stuck to the wall.
They have been designed by Lindsay Marsden, the textile designer who is the creator of The Black Rabbit. Lindsay has applied her love of colour and pattern to each print that decorates the bunny, lamb, squirrel, fawn, chicken, ducking and bluetit to make them a fabulous compliment to contemporary and traditional room decor.
They are packaged in a special ‘string and washer’ sealed envelope and the instructions are clearly printed next to each animal shape. Easily wrapped and posted, they are an easy giving gift.

Each pack contains five A4 sized prints (21cm x 29cm) printed on recycled light card. They are packaged in a resealable and re-useable string and washer envelope.

To make them you will need your own scissors and glue or tape for one easy join on each face. To apply to the wall we recommend blu-tac (according to the conditions of your walls).

This is not a toy and children should be supervised if they are using the kit and scissors.

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